Why Has My Foreskin Gone Tight And I Have Difficulty Pulling It Back?


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Foreskin problem can be both in males and females. You have not mentioned your sex. Mostly this problem is present in males called phimosis. The home treatment is put hot water on foreskin many times in a day. The best treatment is circumcision.
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I would recommend circumcision or even having a bit of forskin removed, its a painless procedure . Visit your Gp to get things started.on the plus side it makes the penis more sensitive and look bigger. Good luck Dr_david Xx 
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Youve obviously reduced activity with your penis I reccomend massage with cocoa butter twice a day whilst firmly stretching the foreskin back it will hurt at first but soon stretch keep underneath skin very clean
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This is a common problem, consult your doctor for the best advice for your particular circumstance, but I have friends that this has happened to; sometimes the penis growth and growth of the foreskin are not in sync and the foreskin can become too tight. The usual remedy is circumcision, which might sound scary, but actually has many benefits (for you and sexual partner/s!) It would be one less worry and discomfort off of your mind. If you really don't want circumcision though then I would suggest ways of easing the discomfort; hot baths, increased penile hygiene to avoid any potential infection that the irritation of the foreskin being too tight could provide, try gently stretching the skin of the foreskin daily to encourage it to yield easier, and apply specialised ointment to help the skin and also make it easier for you to pull back.

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There are plenty of stretching techniques that can be found on the internet. Having a circumcision is the last thing I would ever have done as you will loose most of the feeling in your foreskin. It was the worst decision I have ever made.

I found some good information at the following websites:

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