How Can I Increase My Sperm Count?


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The following are some things you can do to increase your sperm count:

- cutting out habits such as smoking or drinking alcohol.
- exercising regularly.
- having a balanced and healthy diet. This means eating foods that are low in fat and high in protein. You want to eating whole grains, vegetables, fruit and avoiding caffine and spicy foods.
- letting your testicles "breathe". Wear loose boxer shorts and things that aren't tight on your testicles.
- losing weight (if you are overweight)
- reducing stress e.g. - taking up meditation classes or yoga.
- massaging of the body to increase blood circulation.
- multivitamins. Things like selenium, zinc and folic acid are important for maximised sperm production and quality.
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I have had that question for a while now. If he has a low sperm count he should probably go to a doctor for it. But there is a over the counter medicine called FertilAide for men. Look it up on the Internet.
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Sperms are produced by the testis. Process of sperm formation requires normal functioning of testis and normal hormonal levels. Reduced sperm count (oligospermia/oligozoospermia ) can be due to endocrine disorder, testicular problems, infection of the testis, hernia, varicocele and orchitis.
Treatment of reduced sperm count depends upon underlying cause. You should not try opinions given by your friends or from net because at the end you have to visit a doctor. This condition is not life threatening but can cause many social and psychological problems in you and your wife. So, visit a urologist and get proper diagnosis and its treatment.  
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Your husband can wear boxers, or any loose underwear and that should raise it.
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I was always told not to wear tight underpants, but what do I know?
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You should try and go to a doctor so the doctor can check his sperm count. The doctor should decide what he can take to increase it.
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You can't. Male are provided with millions and millions of sperm you don't need to increase it and its impossible you can't do it
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If you eject the sperm atleast every 3 days after then your capacity of forming sperm gets increase its own
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I have read some good reviews about Semenax that not only increases your sperm count but it is supposed to also increase the experience. If you try it, let me know how it works, because who couldn't use a little extra boost?

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