T'ai Chi, Yoga, And The Alexander Technique Might Offer Some Relief To Computer Users Suffering From Which Injury?


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With people in civilized countries spending more and more time in front of computers, the stats in the last decade witnessed a significant increase in a few conditions, which may be directly related to the use of computers and to its associated postures. Back pain, wrist pain, repetitive strain injury (RSI), spinal cord strain, and even respiratory problems are just a few conditions that yoga, tai chi chih and the Alexander technique can address.

Most of the Far East techniques that are used in meditation focus on body well-being. Yoga and tai chi both stipulate humans can reach a balance between body and mind. In most cases however, this is to be achieved by specific training, geared towards detailed actions and particular body parts. When dealing with computer-related health problems, people can learn a lot from the incredible wide range of solutions associated to such practices.

From a Western point of view, yoga represents the power of the mind over the body. In yoga, asking your back for resistance, your wrists for flexibility, and your legs for strength are common exercises. If done on a daily basis and under the direct supervision of a specialist (guru), they can relieve you from a lot of pain.

Tai chi chih, on the other hand, is a technique developed in the second half of the 20th century from the Chinese classical tai chi martial art. Based on meditation and focus on self, it reduces the stress and, implicitly, it has direct effect on any condition associated with stress and anxiety.

The Alexander technique offers a more pragmatic approach to computer-related diseases, conditions, and injuries. It stipulates as main principle the critical importance of postures in the correct development of human body. As such, it implies sets of exercises that are rather passive (can be performed while doing something else, like working at the computer), stressing on the good consequences of being continuously aware of how you move your body.
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T'ai chi, yoga, and the Alexander technique might offer some relief to computer users suffering from what injury
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They can prevent or cure some diseases for people who suffer some pain, if they can keep to do it for a certain temps.

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