What Should You Eat To Get More Zinc In Your Daily Diet?


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Here are some foods that is rich in zinc... Beef, lamb, brown rice, yogurt, whole wheat bread, lentils, oatmeal, baked potato, crab meat, pork, salmon, beans, chicken, lima beans, milk, oyster, turkey, spinach, rye bread,clams, lobster, and peas...
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Your best bet is to talk to a doctor about it, word of mouth isn't always the best thing for you. If your doctor says this is o.k., he/she can tell you how much you need for acne, if indeed it does work that way. Hope this helps.
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If you need zinc every day, consider lentils as a staple in your diet. They complement many main dishes, and if seasoned right will not bore you.
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I was looking for info on Zinc as well, right now I take a multivitamin which provides 100% of your daily zinc but was looking for a way to eat it. I know the multi vitamin helped clear up the acne on my arms!

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