Does Olive Oil Help Unblock Ears?


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Olive oil at the most will work as a lubricant and soften the wax in the inner linings of the ear; it will not actually help in unblocking the ear as one would have to remove the ear wax manually. Also in case of an ear infection olive oil would actually aggravate the condition and may lead to temporary hearing loss.

A few drops of Tea Tree oil in combination with olive oil has been known to unblock ears and get rid of any ear infections at the same time. It has been observed according to recent research that olive oil as compared to ear drops gives better results without damaging the delicate inner linings of the ear.

Some other methods that may be employed to unblock ears are getting them syringed by a doctor or using an ear candle. In any case it would be always better to check with an ear specialist (otolaryngologist) in case of chronic wax buildup accompanied by pain and hearing loss as it could be the sign of an underlying infection.
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I've heard of warm olive oil loosening the wax, but if your ears aren't waxy, your tubes behind the eardrum could be blocked and it helps to take a decongestant or antihistamine. Best wishes:)
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You warm it up and use an eye dropper to put it in your ears and it soothes them and gets any gunk out, works great.
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It doesn't help unblock them it helps with giving a substitute for the ear wax. If you want to unblock them try using peroxide that boils it up to the top and then use a tissue to clean away the Debee.
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You can get an earwax removal treatment at the drug store. It may burn a little if you have been messing with your ears. Warm water is a good way too. You will need to keep it in there for a while. Here's a site about how to remove earwax.
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Luke warm olive oil ,pour into both ears one at a time then cover with cotton wool for 2-3 hours ,it flow into the inner ear which helps to unblock the Eustachian tubes,you notice improvments the first day.

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