I Suffer From Hypertension. Is It Safe To Take Baking Soda For An Attack Of Cystitis?


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Talking with your doctor about you interest in using the baking soda will help ensure that this is actually something you should/could be doing. Like some of the other blurters mentioned, its use can compound your already existing problems. You would be most benefited from discussing your options for home remedies with your doctor. If they cannot or will not give you a good answer than go to some other doctor. Street people may have good ideas but they do not know what your personal medical history is. Also, be aware that not every thing you find on the Internet is reliable either. A physician has to have continuing education credits of some sort, ensuring that they are aware of the most up to date and scientifically sound methods of treatment. I would not want to see you mess with your health and possibly make it any worse. I would strongly suggest speaking with a medical professional before deciding on any home remedy treatment.
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The baking soda or sodium bicarbonate is used in many home made remedies and in over the counter medicines. One of the side effects of baking soda is that it causes hypertension. So if you are already hypertensive, the condition will be worse after taking baking soda.
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Another caution people overlook is  you need to learn a bit more about your use of Baking soda because we have gasses in out stomachs that can change frequently due to illness or oral intake. There has been problems with this that lead to more serious problems. Hypertension is a disease that does not feel it has to give you forewarning before it's rise, or maybe some symptom that we would not associate with Hypertension.
There are so many things that can affect your blood pressure. I would go on the web and find information about hypertension. If you are being treated with medications,  your pharmacist can give you computer print outs filled with information you should know.   Best wishes
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 my husband has high blood pressure  and if he takes in much salt it makes it go up I would suggest talking to your dr since can be very dangerous
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An alternative you could try here would be cranberry juice natural safe and effective if drank regular it would ease your problem and pian, it's worth a try.

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