I used meth today and i have to drop a UA for my PO how much baking soda and water should i drink before taking my drug test?


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I'm not trying to preach but some of my friends are still meth addicts.  That will destroy you slowly..I was smart enough to realize it and Stopped using 3 years ago.  Just drink plenty of liquids.. The more times you pee the better the chances of you pissing clean.. Normally though meth will exit your system within a week. Don't believe all these people saying your definitely going to fail. I know meth. Trust me drink a lot you'll pass.
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Secondly..Why would you get high when you know you have to meet your PO? You can't say no when its right in front of you or something?
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Its called stupidity,
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Wont do you any good as its too late and with todays super sensitive drug tests, the baking soda will be detected as a covering agent and traces of any drug can be detected for up to 6 months after last usage

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