What Are The Effects Of Smoking The Spice Saffron?


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The saffron is the spice which is made from the flower of a plant crocus sativus. The saffron has its great importance in the alternative medicine as it is used to treat many diseases. It has following properties.
  • Antispasmodic
  • Carminative
  • Diaphoratic
  • Sedative
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Well this is what I have to offer, in short my brother has been smoking this stuff for the past 2 yrs to be able to pass drug tests at work. We had noticed a change in his behavior for the past year but didnt know he was smoking this stuff until recently. My brother is a 45 year old man that owns a beautiful home, boat,has a wife children and grandchildren...until this past week anyway as he went sycotic. Has been violent for the past few months but just last week drove up to his best buddies house broke into the house grabbed the guys wife (buddy was at work) and tried to grab the kids telling her that the rapture was comming and they needed to die to save their souls..scared the (bleep) out of the woman and when she got away called the police in a terrified panic..the police caught him the follwing morning took him to the hospitol where he has been diagnosed with schitzophrenia. So very sad to watch my brother being taken to the ground by the 24 hr sherriff guards because of his violent outbursts. This is just the begiining of his condition and will be commited the the mental ward in a crazy hospitol..the best hope we have for him?? Is that the doctors can control it with meds now, enogh to allow him be fit for society..take that in yall.."fit for society" this man had it all...now he is mush, talking to pillows..wiping the invisable bugs off his bed that sort of thing...so take head to all of the comments like this everywhere on the net because your reading them fom survivors!
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I am wondering how your brother made out? my 16 year old son has a very similar story. he only smoked it fro 2 months as a self medication for anxiety. He snapped about a month ago and I'd like to hear that your brother was eventually clear minded...
many blessings

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