I Am Under Alprazolam 0.25 Mg Per Day For A Few Years, I Want To Stop It As It Has Not Helped Me,but How Do I Overcome The Withdrawal Symptoms Of Palpitations, Discomfort And Nausea? Please Advice.


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The Alprazolam is an benzodiazepene and active ingredient of Xanax which is used for the treatment of anxiety. One of the side effects of this drug is drug dependency. To treat it, don't discontinue suddenly but taper off. Use of some medicines as supportive therapy is also recommended. For more informations, visit: Opiate withdrawal
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Your doctor could prescribe Vistaril and Depakote both of these medications help with withdrawals, helps so you don't go into any seizure . Your doctor could also prescribe a beta blocker for the anxiety and heart palpitations that you feel for the side effects of withdrawals. But your doctor is the best advice to help you with side effects from xanax this is highly habit forming medication but i believe a psychiatrist or mental health psyche nurse practitioner would be your best advice. 

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