Can Touching Weed Cause Weed To Get Into Your System?


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Absolutely not. I have been in the room with it burned and passed. Weed has to be burned or cooked. Coke can though because it will dissolve when wet and the oils and sweat in your skin will break it down. It has to be a certain temperature (185 f) to let out the THC. Your body also produces a type of THC, so to "fail" you have to have a certain amount to show conclusive/ abnormal. So don't worry, your fine and have nothing to worry about. How do I know? 3 years of urine testing once a week with no dirties ever. I hope this was a help to you.
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THC has to be burnt and inhaled or cooked into something to get in your system, you should be ok
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No that virtually has to be smoked to show up in any test...
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If you rubbed it all over your skin, maybe.  But just picking it up and putting it down should mean you're okay.
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I know coke & heroin can get in your system by touching it, but I'm pretty sure weed can't get in the system that way.
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No marijuana can't get in your system just by touching it.
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Not for a urine, blood, or hair test for purposes of drug screening to obtain/maintain employment or as part of a rehabilitation program or something like this. Touching marijuana is enough to set off the sensors and give positive tests on hand swabs at the airport.
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