What Is A Bavarian Cyst I Was Diagnosed With Them And I Have Been Searching The Web And Cant Find Anything Are They Cancerous Will I Have Them Forever Will It Complicate A Pregnancy Do They Break Open And Hurt Or Bleed What Are They Caused By?


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I know exactly what you are talking about. They are called bavarian cysts.  They did not effect any of my 3 pregnancies. They are not cancerous, and I have absolutely no answer as to what causes them.  I have had probably 5 or 6 over the past 10 years. They come and go. They can burst and they can get quite large (size of my little finger). . . And yes they are very painful.  You can have them lanced if need be.  When I get them now, I know to stay on top of it and try to keep it drained.  Just so you know my younger sister gets them too, I wondered if it was some genetic thing.  I too was looking for more info on them and your questions are all I could find.
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No it isn't "Ovarian cyst" It is a bavarian cyst. I know when you think of bavarian you think of bavarian cream or whatever. So it's kinda messed up that they named it that. I have one and it's really quite large. My gyno told me that they usually get infected if you get them drained and they almost always come back. It's really uncomfortable during intercourse for me. I'm just hoping they find cures for these crappy things we have to endure.

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There is such a thing
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I think you are joking. However, the real name (in case you are serious) is Ovarian Cyst.
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I am serious, and thank you. I don't know why she wouldn't have told me that is what it is, she wrote it down so i could go home and look it up and it said bavarian cysts.

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