Is Fasting Safe?


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Yes fasting is perfectly safe as long as you eat enough at sun sup and sun down you will be fine thuosands of people do it it is perfeclty safe
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Is is different from aneroxia because with aneroxia you do not eat at all with fasting you eat twice a day at 6 am and 6pm
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Fasting is not a good way to lose weight. It can be safe but should be done in moderation. You will also need to eat the right things when you are coming off of a fast. If you are doing it for cosmetic reasons, then you need to think of something else to do, because you will really mess up your metabolism and it will make the rest of your life difficult for weight maintenance.
Anorexia is an eating disorder that is when a person is so obsessed with their weight that they don't eat enough for their body to stay healthy. I hope you're not falling into this. I noticed that you are obsessed with tanning to the point where your body is reacting badly. Don't be overly concerned with your appearance or you will be miserable your whole life. Plus nobody like people that are too into their appearance it is superficial, and shallow.
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Before fasting pray on it. Fasting willn't hurt you.
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I was just curious because i was reading on here that people "water fast" to lose weight, I was never going to do it.. And i am def not superficial or shallow very far from it. Thanks for the info tho.
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There are various forms of fasting undertaken for health/fitness rather than for religious reasons. With health/fitness fasting, the three most common forms are water fasting, juice fasting, and "Master cleanse" (aka lemonade fasting). Water fasting is risky if practiced for more than 48 hours. These fasts are often combined with saline laxatives or laxative teas. Juice fasting and lemonade fasting can be undertaken for between three and sixty days, but you need to listen to your body. Normally, after about four days on these fasts, you'll feel terrible, but you should go on past that and after a week, you should feel fantastic. As soon as you feel bad again after that, it's time to stop.

With all fasting, you'll lose weight, but how much of the weight you keep off depends on what you do once you've broken your fast. If you eat a low cal/low carb diet, the weight should stay off. If you go for pies and cakes, it'll all go back on and more.

The best reasons for fasting are to cleanse the body, rather than to lose weight. I generally do a two-week juice fast every three months to get all the accumulated gunk out of my system. While fasting, you can expect an increase in bowel movements, and if you're a woman, you may get some menstrual disturbance.

Fasting differs from anorexia because you are regularly taking in nourishment and it is for a limited period only.
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Fasting is not only safe, but it has health benefits.

-it detoxifies the body
-gives you more mental clarity
-extends life expectancy
-improves the body's healing power (energy diverted from digestion to metabolism/immune system

Have a look into intermittent fasting, it has gained a lot of traction over the last few years, especially in the bodybuiding community.

Fast for 16 hours.  During this time, you CAN have coffee, with some milk/sugar (provided its under 50 calories), then get all your calories in a 8 hour window.

It makes adhering to diets easier as well since you're able to get that feeling of being full with your meals so close together.

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