Do You Know Disease That Makes Nails On Hands And Feet Turn Blue?


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That indicates the oxygen is not getting to supply all parts of the body as needed.  The discoloration is call cyanosis.  Medical  workers will check the nail beds. They will press on your complete nail, hold for a second, release, and see if the bright color returns in record time. By this they can tell that your oxygen is not flowing correctly and they can then work on find the cause. Heart pain is rare "pain". It is usually described as a tight squeezing, a burning, breath taking, traveling to the neck, or down the arm.  The signs should not be on the far left side, but just past the center of your chest. Another reason could be that you are anemic, or suffer from a vitamin deficiency.  Either one should be immediately known to your Doctor.  There is no time to wait, as this is most serious, and untreated can be debilitating or cause death of your life, or perhaps severe damage to organs that we depend on to perform certain functions in our bodies.  Run, don't walk to the Doctor.
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Mayfly,I have read in the pass that our state of health can be seen on our finger nails.I'm not 100% sure but your purple finger nail could be something to do with blood circulation .do not delay and go see a Dr. As soon as you can.I'm going to search the web and will reply if I come across something.
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Yes. I have them too. When I am cold they turn blue and purple. That's because I am a nemic. If you don't know for sure you should really see you doctor. Just monitor yourself and jot down everything weird. So when you see your doctor you wont forget any details!
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It sounds like you damaged the nail bed and the purple coloring under the nail is bruising showing through. If it was a bad blow, you might lose the nail. Otherwise, if you have not experienced any trauma in that nail area, please call a doctor to get it checked out. Best, ~Pasha
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You have not mentioned that whether this problem is in cold room or weather or all the time. If your nails turn blue in cold environment then it is normal. Because heat is conserved by vasoconstriction of peripheral  blood vessels. If you are having this problem all the time, then it can be circulatory insufficiency or heart problem or Raynaud's phenomenon. Please visit a doctor for differential diagnosis.

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