Why do a lot of women get plastic surgery on their face? Doesn't it get worse as they grow old?


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yvette Jones Profile
yvette Jones answered
Unfortunately women have this idea that they should look like models and that they should be very thin. If you get surgery, you run the risk that one you will look worse off than you did, you could die in surgery, or the surgeon might not be certified. Many women do these surgeries and have to redo them after a year or two. Then it becomes almost addictive. Then they wonder why they ALL look like ducks. Don't do it. God won't recognize you. He wants you the way you are.
Beth Jayne Profile
Beth Jayne answered
To make them feel better. They dont want to grow old,,they feel by getting Plastic surgery they can stay young
Jil Blue Profile
Jil Blue answered
Their outward appearance in the mirror does not match their inward age. They feel young and their face does not match what they feel.

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