How Long Does Cough And Cold Last? Will It Still Heal Up When Smoking Daily?


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Pamela Fleitas answered
Yes you should stop smoking.  Your cold may go away normally but the very aggravating cough could linger for a couple of months due to the tobacco use.  I don't know much about marijuana but I would think  that inhaling any type of smoke into your lungs is not a good thing.
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Usually a week  or a little more is average for a cold. Smoking Pot is actually worse for your lungs. Smoking tobacco and Pot is a double Whammy on your lungs.  You are being self-abusive, how come?
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I simply enjoy smoking cannabis along with it's effects. I understand smoking pot isn't good for my lungs but am just wondering will this cough heal a lot quicker if i don't smoke while i have it, and i am quite happy to give up the tobacco which has no real positive effects.

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