What Is The Difference Between Percocet And Nucynta?


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  • Percocet is a pain reliever made up of oxycodone; however, Percocet is the brand name that has been given to it. It is a drug that is usually used alongside an acetaminophen to help treat severe pain for individuals. It is also described as a narcotic analgesic which aims to block pain transmission signals that occur from any acute pain that someone may be suffering from.
  • It is important to keep in mind that there is a chance of experiencing side effects such as lethargy, itching, stomach pains or anxiety. In addition, this drug can sometimes become highly addictive due to the nature of its use. The fact that the pain reliever prevents the pain signals, you can sometimes experience a sense of euphoria which unfortunately can become both physically and mentally addictive.
  • This particular form of medication is relatively new and also goes by the name of tapentadol. It aims to treat individuals suffering from moderate to severe pain and is also similar to the drug morphine. This drug contains a chemical compound that is made up of opioid and nonopioid activities which help it form into a pain reliever.
  • There are not many stand out differences between Percocet and Nucynta because they are both analgesic drugs used to treat severe pain problems. They both are of similar strength and they both aim to block pain transmission signals to the body. However, it is argued that Nucynta has less gastrointestinal side effects than Percocet. Also, you are more likely to experience vomiting and nausea with Nucynta as opposed to Percocet which can affect you mentally.

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