What's The Difference Between Percocet And Hydrocodone?


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A percocet will have oxycodone in it like 5 mg to 10 and more and be mixed with apap or short for acetaminophen and there will be like 10 mg oxycodone and 500 mg apap and then hydrocodone is a totally different drug with basically the same principal of mixture and they will always mix apap with the drug because it reduces the potential for it to be heavily abused which people still do and the apa reduces fever and swelling while the narcotic does its job to.  Honestly most people find oxycodone or percocet or whatever drug the oxycodone is put in to be better I hope this helps
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Percocet has Tylenol (acetaminophen) added to the hydrocodone. Hydrocodone is just plain with no additives.

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