I Have Been Taking Slimquick Cleanse Gentle Detox Pills And Today I Found Out I Was Five Weeks Pregnant. Could This Harm My Baby?


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Congrats...I am more worried about what you were trying to detoxify from.
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Since this is short term as far as the pregnancy and drinking the diet medicine, then there should be nothing to worry about. I would just make sure that you don't take it anymore, and I would make sure that you are monitored by an obgyn to make sure that things are coming along nicely. Congrats to you, and I hope this helps you out.
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It wont harm your baby, but I will tell you I am right there with you. I am 6 weeks pregneant once being on slimquik and I am sueing that company for not mentioning anything on their labels for their chemical compoun putting women at higher risk for pregnancy. If I were you I would call and state your case as well.
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I sweet INNOCENT GIRL o.k. Lets be patient about it go to the doctors and tell them that you are expecting child but you has been taking

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