Can I Get Pregnant If Im Taking My Yasmin Pills On The Time?


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Ellie Hoe answered
Under the normal conditions, pregnancy is not possible when you are taking Yasmin pills on time regularly because Yasmin pills are successful modern birth control pills with a pearl index of 0.1. Chances of pregnancy can be during first month of its use because hormonal levels in blood are not established during first month of use.

All modern pills have same chances of pregnancy or success rate that is 0.1%. So, you should confidently keep taking Yasmin regularly on times. But remember, all women using hormonal contraceptives including Yasmin pills, should have gynecological examination after every six months or as per recommendation of your doctor.
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mhanana makhaya answered
I'm taking Yasmin to  correct irregular periods,I'm on my 1st month, I have been lightly bleeding from the first day of using the pills.Is it possible for me to fall pregnant 'cause my gynae prescribed it for two months so I'l have regular periods.

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