What Does It Mean When You Feet Are Swollen?


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Your body is retaining water. You have kidney problems due to bad circulation , and high blood pressure.
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Hmmmm. You don't have anything in your profile.  My first guess is you're retaining fluid.  You could be engulfing too much salt.  I'd get off that first. There's salt in everything (just about) including sodas.  In the event (however slim) it's your heart don't drink too much and get it checked esp. If your family has a history of heart disease, or you are overweight.  If possible do some reclining to reduce the pressure.  If you have any problems breathing -hit the ER to get a handle on the situation.  A phone call to your Primary is a must for this one in any case.
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Well there can be many reasons for the swollen feet and legs it can be due to some allergy that has caused it swollen. You must take some antibiotic medicines. Any injury can cause your feet swollen so better to take x-ray to know what exactly it is.
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Hi please see your doctor don't want to worry you at all but some people can get blood clots in the legs and they need treatment fast to get better it might not even be this but better to be sure isn't it take care

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