What Does A Vegan Eat?


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It's almost easier to list the items a vegan will not eat!

Basically, a vegan will not eat any animal products - this means abstention from many things that you and me might take for granted.

This includes:
  • Meat
  • Milk
  • Eggs
  • Cheese
What a vegan can eat

The list of food that vegans can eat includes:

  • Several types of vegetables
  • Rice
  • Wheat
  • Pulses (think chickpeas, lentils, barley)
  • Soy and tofu
  • Mycoprotein
If you're thinking about trying out the vegan lifestyle, why not check out some of these delicious recipes:
Baked sweet potato and spicy peanut butter Vegan Sunday roast Pumpkin curry with chickpeas Vegetable Moroccan tagine
What a vegan can't eat

The list of things that fall under this category is too lengthy to mention in its entirety. As well as the obvious things like cheeseburgers and steak, vegans also steer clear of any animal byproducts.

This includes things like gelatin (which is made from the spine and gooey bits of cows and pigs), an ingredient found in many sweets and even some medicinal tablets!

Strict vegans also can't drink any type of wine or beer that uses animal products somewhere in the fermentation/brewing process.

Pasta (made with eggs) is also unacceptable to vegans.

Away from food, vegans also cannot wear leather products, or even silk - which is created by boiling silk worms.

This approach makes 'Veganism' more than just an eating regime, but an entire lifestyle!
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Many people think that vegans have nothing to eat and their food is not tasty at all. However, they are mistaken. They сan look at vegan maps, for example and visit one of the mentioned restaurants. There are good, at least the places which I visited.

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They eat veggies - not meat or anything else that comes from animals.
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A "vegan" will not eat meat and dairy products because they feel that's it's better that way, but "vegans" are just ruining their health system.
You need meat and dairy to provide a healthy lifestyle! Ever heard of the food pyramid?!
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A vegan eats everything that doesn't have anything to do with dairy products or meat:
All veggies or fruit.

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