What Is Natural And Artificial Contraceptive Device?


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Artificial contraception is using man made contraceptive devices such as the pill, the rubber sheath (Durex)and many internal coil devices, which actually  cause a very early abortion as the fertilised ovum cannot imbed into the womb lining and is lost.
    Natural contraception is that method agreed by the Catholic Church ,to avoid coitis during the so called fertile days of each month. That is ,on a 28 day cycle to avoid days 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17.Especially the middle of those!.   But this is not always safe as some women do not ovulate at these "expected times".
    The Catholic Church has always puzzled me on this as they are ( or were!) anti contraception ,yet allowing their flock to use the so called natural method IS using contraception as it is deliberately using a contraceptive (natural) method. What is the difference. Both avoid pregnancy or attempt to!!! Maybe others have views on this.

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