What Is The Safest Form Of Contraception?


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Contraception is the prevention of uterine conception. Church groups would say that abstinence is the only form of one hundred percent effective contraception. For those with a more practical and pleasurable outlook one of the following methods should suffice.
• Birth Control Pills: Has a failure rate of around 8-10 per cent but is not compatible with some women.
• Condoms: No other contraceptive can prevent STD, having said that 15 per cent of the time male condoms fail to prevent conception and female condoms have a failure rate of 20 per cent.
• Diaphragm: A failure rate of 16 percent.
• Withdrawal: What college drunk jocks substitute for rubber has a one in four chance of failure but here chances of failure are directly related to amount of alcohol consumed.
• Spermicide: Around 29 per cent failure rate. Sometimes Spermicides are used in juxtaposition with condoms.

All the above are just averages and you could be one of the unlucky statistics if fate so wills.

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