How Much Does An EEG Test Cost?


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The cost of an EEG Test will vary depending on your insurance and the hospital you are obtaining the test from.

  • If your doctor has an EEG machine, they may work with you regarding the cost of the test or the visit in order to save you some money should you not have insurance.

According to online sources, the average cost of an EEG is $650; however, there is no information to determine how the source came up with this cost. Therefore, it is difficult to say if this is a true value.

Those with insurance will most likely pay a percentage of the test. For example, anyone with insurance with an 80/20 plan would pay 20% of the total cost of the test. There may also be the charge for the office or hospital visit depending on how the test was run. Some insurance companies like Kaiser Permanente provide a bill for tests completed, but will not charge for an office visit unless the office visit was on the same day the test was completed.

Given the differences in insurance plans, a person may pay more or less for an EEG test.

An individual without insurance is subject to the cost the doctor or hospital normally charges. Most doctors or hospitals will discount the charges if there are extenuating circumstances with a person's income. A low income may provide the test for significantly less than the person with insurance is charged.

The best way to determine the actual cost for an EEG Test is to call the hospital or doctor's office and request the information. The billing department will be able to look up the information and give a comprehensive breakdown of the actual charges. They should be able to give this information before any appointment is booked for the test, though you may need to call with a code for that test to help them find the correct answer.
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It's not easy to give this information without knowing what country you are in and whether you are in a health insurance plan, as the costs can vary enormously. You can find some general information on EEG testing here but for a realistic estimate of price you should give your country and probably your state or region too.

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