How Much Does It Cost For Animal Testing?


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The costs to millions of animals each year is immense in terms of their painful suffering.
   Animal tests are big business and involve prestige (for the scientists) and also bring in big grants to fund ,basically anything the scientists state will be helpful to humans. But the animal tests are a mega cover for the drug companies.
Lab animals are of course lots of different species. People who label them all together as "just animals "  verses humans, are not being logical at all. Biology is different in different species. What poisons one does not poison another.   I have asked many people which animal do they think is the BEST model  for a human and quess what!!, I have never had an answer and most people will ask me, what do you mean.Such is the lack of understanding of what animal tests are all about.    One person told me that she thought animal experiments were bad but that animal tests were okay!!! Really!!!    To experiment is to test. It is the same thing. There is no difference. But you mention costs. Well there are many costs and not all are monetary. For example in the you K , 10 thousand people die each year from ADR ( adverse drug reactions) from drugs passed as safe by animal tests. ., costing the NHS £433 MILLION annually . A UK doctors health magazine quotes this figure as much higher stating that only around 5 per cent of ADRs are reported.     In America 100 ,000 (A hundred thousand) people die from ADR ,from drugs passed as safe by animal testing. But the mega rich drug companies are  covered because of these useless animal experiments. They cannot lose. But people die and animals suffer hell in these outdated useless "procedures. ,like sewing kittens eyes together and many worse barbaric acts that ,to my mind, show the depravity of mankind. So you see there are many many costs in many many ways,which the general public do not bother to investigate.
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Animal testing is a cruel way and it is only for our benefits and there is definatly benefits for the animals either. So I say it should STOP!

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