Can I Buy Hcg Drops At Healt Food Store?


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It is possible to buy HCG drops for weight loss online or at a GNC location.
It may be possible to purchase these drops at other health food stores like Vitamin Cottage; however, GNC is the only one with a confirmed option to buy. They offer the HCG Platinum X-30 for the 30 day weight loss program. According to the online information from GNC the cost of the product is $59.99.

If you stay with a store like GNC you can feel certain you are getting an actual product instead of a knock off or worse. Online sites may represent health food store sales, but there can also be some fake sites out there. It is always better to purchase items that are related to health from a store you recognize.
This is one known site that has the true HCG diet drops. You can purchase the drops from this site and feel that it is a safe site. They do sell to the US and have approved drops by the FDA.

  • HCG Precautions
For anyone who may want to take the HCG drops it is best to consult a physician first. Diet pills, drops, and other aides have been known to be addictive. While HCG may not be addictive there are also other concerns that may arise with using it before a medical professional has cleared a person. Most diet drugs have side effects. It may be a reaction with other medication or other aides being used.
Dieting with an aide can help one lose weight; however, it should be done in a safe environment and with a doctor's care.
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Jennifer Bone answered
HCG drops are considered a herbal or homeopathic product aimed at helping people to lose weight by using the body's hormonal system to regulate and release excess fat stores. The claims are that dieters then keep this weight off long term because the metabolism has been 'reset' and the hypothalamus and pituitary glands 'balanced'.  Because it is a relatively new product, it is widely available to purchase online but not all health food stores will have it.  Some will, but it is probably worth calling ahead to be sure.

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