Can I Buy Hcg Diet Drops At A Health Food Store?


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Despite an extended search of the internet, there appear to be no health food stores that sell the controversial hCG injectable ampoules in store, although there are plenty of online sales sites that sell homeopathic hCG diet drops.

The  hormone hCG (human Chorionic Gonadotropin), secreted by pregnant women, is not approved by either the FDA (American Food and Drug Administration) or the British MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) as a licensed medicine or diet aid.  It's promotion and sale is therefore not permitted in either country by law.

The main controversy around hCG centers around the claim that the hormone, when combined with an ultra-low calorie diet, can cause rapid weight loss without sacrificing any lean (muscle) tissue from the body.

In the original form of the diet proposed around 1954 by Dr Albert Simeons, a British-born endocrinologist, hCG, in low doses, was supposed to be injected daily.  After his death in 1970, several others, notably author Kevin Trudeau, began to promote the diet.

Controversy about its effectiveness and safety followed health warnings by the Journal of the American Medical Association and the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.  These warnings, coupled with shortages and restrictions of sales of the injectable form, led to the development of ‘homeopathic’ hCG drops.

Whilst injectable hCG is only obtained by prescription, the homeopathic drop format is widely available from stockists such as and

The composition of the hCG drops are, however, also problematic.  According to homeopathic principles, the original hormone would have to be so diluted as to be almost undetectable.  Some sources claim that charlatans are taking advantage of this and some of the drops are made up of water with no hCG in them at all.

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My dad actually lost 60 pounds and I'm going to start it. It not a bad program! Yes its 500 calorie diet and YOU DO need the drops that helps with not just balancing yout hormones. You get energy and it makes you not hungry. You NEED the drops on the HCG diet unless you want to feel starving all do for 40 days!
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I think you can, but why would you?  Just eat low cal foods and exercise, that's all you really have to do. Don't start messing with your body's balance, never a good idea I don't think.

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