How Would One Know If You Had A Bowel Obstruction?


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Steven Vakula answered
You would most likely be constipated and in great pain as well as extremely uncomfortable. If there were a bowel obstruction you would have a very painful bowel movement if at all since the obstruction would be preventing any solid waste from being excreted or discharged from the body. Constipation can be both very painful and deadly if left unchecked and untreated. I would assume that if you must ask then you most likely do not have the obstruction because if you did have the obstruction you would most likely know something was really wrong!
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terry rossignol answered
This is common for me as I only have 5 inches left of mine do to can't go to the bathroom and your stomach will be extended. you will get the sweats and the chills;you need to go to the dr right way!!!!

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