Could Dehydration Cause Hallucinations?


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To my understanding, it could cause hallucinations, because if your brain needs water to transfer electrical pulses or whatever the correct term it is, it makes sense that you'd basically loose your mind when those signals are unable to move freely. More like some form of dementia rather than hallucinations though.
Keep in mind that's after your body has pretty significantly lost water, the first stages of dehydration are headaches, pretty much a hangover-like feeling.
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Yes! Dehydration can definitely cause hallucinations. If you are experiencing them, it would be best to go to the hospital and get an iv drip. Hope it helps.
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Dehydration can cause disorientation and delirium.
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The dehydration is the condition and is not directly responsible for the Hallucinations. The Hallucination is the feeling or sensing something which is not existing during sleep or awake conditions. There are many causes of Hallucinations like some drugs (tranquillizers), some diseases like, fever, dementia, liver or kidney failure, brain cancer, psychiatric disorders like schizophrenia and  being drunk or high doses of any narcotics. For more details, visit Hallucinations.
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Hallucinations are the sensations that are perceived and that are not real .It is believed that dehydration also cause hallucination, but is is a broader term , there are multiple factors behind the causation of hallucinations. It is often caused in some mental disorder of chronic type as schizophrenia.
YES! Water is vital in a bodies vital functions.Without it the brain will not function properly and can cause hallucinations. Drink plenty of liquids but avoid alcohol and coffee as these re both diuretics(they make you pee a lot).
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Everyone is right yes it can you need o go to the hospital and the will give you an iv and get you rehydrated.
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Acually yes it can. When I get the stomach flu, and I don't drink a lot of fluids, (which is everytime) I see, feel, and even hear things that arent there. Sometimes I "see" a checkerboard and it freaks me out. I "see" a bee and I keep swatting it and my parents thought I was crazy. Yes, you can hallucinate from being Dehydrated.
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Yes it can definately cause hallucinations and delirium, I had that norovirus pretty bad a couple of years back and got extremely dehydrated, I was hallucinating and everything felt totally surreal!
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Sleep and stress can be but dehydration in no way can cause hallucinations. For more info on its causes click here.

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