Does Dehydration Cause Tingling In The Hands?


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Dehydration may cause tingling in the hands, due to poorer circulation; however, every person responds differently to the symptoms of dehydration. People who are already prone to tingling in the hands will find that it grows much worse when they are dehydrated, simply because stress tends to make any physical condition worse.

Typically, dehydration will be caused by a lack of water and mineral salts (found in most drinkable water); often, a lack of electrolytes can exacerbate dehydration, which can be quite dangerous. Drinks such as Gatorade contain electrolytes to help reverse the symptoms of dehydration; for small children (who must get proper medical attention immediately if they are suffering from dehydration), IV's containing water and saline may be used to rehydrate; children may also drink fortified beverages, such as Pedialyte, that replace missing electrolytes. Typically, dehydration may cause headaches, diarrhea, vomiting or dry heaves, and other symptoms. Anyone suffering from possible dehydration should see a doctor; children should be taken to the Emergency Room before their bodies are damaged by the effects of dehydration. In almost every case, dehydration can be quickly resolved with the right medications and medical care; however, it is always best to visit a doctor at the first sign of trouble.

Tingling in the hands may be caused by dehydration; however, it can also be caused by other medical problems. Immune disorders, such as Lupus, may have similar symptoms; sometimes, tingling of the hands is harmless, and it simply comes and goes. Exercise that increases blood flow to the brain, organs, and extremities may ease hand tingling; however, this should not be undertaken if other symptoms of dehydration are present. In general, people should drink about eight glasses of fluid each day; in very hot weather, it may take more water to keep the body working properly.
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It can cause a raw prickly feeling in your hands, arms, and face. The sensation is similar to a niacin flush. Dehydration can also make your mouth and throat feel very raw as well.

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