Is There Any Way You Can Get Rid Of Bruises Quickly?


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It is unfortunate you slipped over and sustained some bruises which seems to affect your plans for the party coming up soon. However research indicates that there is no special treatment for bruises but management of bruises is most effective right after the injury while the bruise is still reddish. There is no quick way of getting rid of them other than as described. A cold compress such as an icepack should be applied to the affected area for at least 20-30 minutes in order to speed healing and reduce swelling. Ice should never be directly put to the skin instead this should nicely be Wrapped in a towel. Also If the bruises take up a large area of the affected part of body, the affected area should be elevated as much as possible during the first 24 hours after the injury and some antiinflammatories such as ibuprofen should be started as may be instructed by the doctor. Hope this can help. Good luck.
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Which hazel brings out a bruise, which in the short term can make it look worse but it will clear it quicker long term. Application should be started as soon as possible after the incident.  You could always use a cover make-up, there are some excellent ones available that are used by people with birth marks etc, ask your pharmacy or at the beauty counter in your local department store.
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The only method I know is to put a warm compress on it. The bruise is dead blood and it should melt/go away if put something warm on it.
Have fun at your farewell.
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Using a physical medicine modality called microcurrent will speed the healing of bruises cutting your normal time for a bruise to disappear by 75 to 90%.

Studies done on boxers and football players showed that those eating onions cut their bruise healing time in half (off the top of my head I do not remember the substance in onions responsible for the effect).

Three days after your injury, aspirin will help make a bruise disappear (working a little like a warm compress does).  Make sure you wait those few days first.
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Try the warm compress, and make certain to take a multivitamin, each day and drink plenty of fluid. Certain vitamin deficiencies can cause bruises to be slow to heal.

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