When I wipe away my tears when I cry, my skin feels almost raw and it burns. There is no rash it just turns red. Is this normal? And how do I stop it?


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Katie Barker Profile
Katie Barker answered
It's not, If your in the cold and not used to it, That could be a reaction.
If, You have been around any type of gas then that is a serious possibility the gas got into your pores and it could get worse, go might want to get it checked out, And what about when you take a shower, Does your skin burn then?
dani kristen Profile
dani kristen answered
That is happening to me now but im not crying all day my eyes have been tearing and the skin is red and its raw and burning to ive been in pain all day an di had to skip school so i wouldnt worry about it onlh wehn you cry i live with it
paige and alex lockhart Profile
Its normal you cant stop it just put water on your face
Annie Smith Profile
Annie Smith answered
No only if I wipe away my tears but only tears! And it also happens around my nose when I cry too!

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