How Long Does One 50mg Pill Of Amitriptyline Stay In Your System?


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It will depend on certain factors how long amitriptyline stays in a person's body. These include the weight, gender and age of the person, as well as their rate of metabolism.

On average, amitriptyline will stay in the blood for anything up to forty-eight hours.

How long does amitriptyline stay in your body...
Amitriptyline is prescribed to deal with the symptoms of depression. It re-balances chemicals in the brain that may have been affected by depression.

  • The substance may be detected by urine tests, in which case the substance will be detectable for anything up to one week after it was last taken.
  • Blood tests can also determine the presence of this substance. As mentioned above, it could stay in a person's blood for anything up to forty-eight hours after the latest dosage.
  • Mouth swab tests are sometimes carried out. They check for the presence of substances within a person's saliva. Again, amitriptyline could be detected for about a week after it was consumed.
  • Hair follicle testing can find traces of drugs in a person's system over the longest period of time. This method of drug testing can find evidence of drug use for anything up to three months after a substance was ingested.
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This drug is used for various medical reasons like ADHD, depression, and bulimia.

Depending on body weight you should be clean in three to seven days - that's if the person doesn't have much body fat. If the person does have a lot of fat it could take 1 to 6 weeks.

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