How Long Does One Glass Of Wine Stay In Your System?


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A women eliminates 1 ounce of alcohol per hour. A man 1.5  oz an hour.
So one glass of wine is the same as 1 beer or 1 shot of liquor. Either way 1
oz per hour. So if you had 1 drink you would be safe after one hour. Just make sure to pee in the toilet first to get rid of and residual your body processed.
Go in having lots of fluids before the test and do not pee, hold it.
Then pee into the toilet until you fell you are half empty.  Then at that point
fill the specimen cup to where they tell you. They test the temperature of it so they know you didn't use someone elses. Also they have dye in the toilet so peeing and trying to dip it out off the toilet for dilution can't be done.
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I drank 2 large glass's of red wine last night about 8pm. I had a drug screening the next day at 2pm and it still showed up. And thats a fact.
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Only a few hours.
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How long does one glass of wine stay in your blood to be detected by urine testing

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