How Can I Stop My 4 Year Old Daughter Wheezing At Night?


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The wheezing is whistle sound during sleep due to narrowing of air passage. The wheezing can be due to many reasons but the asthma is the major cause. Bronchodilator medicines including inhalers can work. Do following things
  1. Note any allergy to pollen or dust
  2. When it become worse (exercise, stress or cold air)
  3. Note the foods which increase wheezing
To relief symptoms, keep her in moist area and heated air. Keep taking medicines prescribed by doctor. For more details, visit Wheezing.
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Well to let you know decongestant don't work it only makes it worst, I ask my area pharmacist and he told me to never buy any, so he also told me that when my son gets to that point that he needs to go to the doctor because the medicine that he was taking might not be strong enough. Does you daughter have a nebulizer you might have to put her up there every for hours until the wheezing stops, if not she needs to take the inhaler every four hours if it does stop then she needs to return to the Doctor. I know it's a lot and I know how you feel because I have to do these same procedures with my son. Have a Great Day and I hope you daughter feels better.

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