Will Clear Fingernail Polish, Applied To A Ringworm On My Leg, Kill It?


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OK... FIRST... Ringworm is NOT a worm..it is a ring shaped fungal infection. There is NO worm to kill, and clear fingernail polish will not "kill" it. You need to put a medication for fungal infections, such as what you would use for athletes foot.
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The reason why nail polish works so well is because, like any living organism, it needs air to breath/survive and spread. Nail polish suffocates the fungi in ringworm. In effect it works effectively and quickly.
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She is confused. You can put clear nail polish on chigger bites to smother them. Ringworm should be treated with antifungal creams for about 4 weeks. Even after it has gone away keep treating the area and use talc to reduce moisture. Wash all bedding everyday until it is gone. Do not swim or use someone else's towel. This can spread ringworm. Do not scratch it and treat for full 4 weeks or it can come back.
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Nail polish works, but only on some cases. (trust me, I'm a wrestler!)

the best cures are tea tree oil or prescription cream!
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I heard that clear finger nail polish on red bug bites and it will smother them.

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