My Eight Year Old Daughter Is Constantly Constipated. She Has Not Had A Bowel Movement In Three Days. Should I Be Concerned?


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Stool softeners and diet first,you can also use milk of magnesia as the Dr told me about this during pregnancy and said I could use two tablespoonful every day as it is not harsh nor habit forming,and it worked,but it works over night so don't look for instant results,and do fiber foods Peace and good luck.  
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Definitely heighten her intake of fiber and make her drink 8 glasses of water a day. If the problems persist, try some children's laxatives. If the problem still persists, see a specialist. It could be bad for the intestines if the waste is sitting there for extended periods of time.
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laxatives should not be used unless prescribed by your Dr as laxatives do not clean the intestines they cause you to loose fluids and not the bulk of the bowels,do the fiber diet with lots of fluids my daughter was that way at younger than 8yrs,fruit,like raisens,dates and sometimes banana's work for some people,apples etc.Goodluck
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You must give your child stool softeners and less constipating diet, with more fiber and fluids. You shouldn't be worried about.

You can continue treatment with her pediatrician and can wait for 2 days more but still if you are not satisfied you should see a specialist.
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My dad always said fruit makes you poop! My niece would get stopped up, come to our house for the weekend, have juice and fruit and fiber and be regular when she went home. What do you feed her?
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Yes that is bad you should put her in a wheel chair give her some prunes and pick her up and put her on the toilet

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