Can You Describe Two Approaches Or Indicators To Measure Patient Outcomes?


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It's impossible to limit the answer to two examples to measure patient outcomes. On matters like this there are many different types of outcome once a patient is made aware of the result of a medical issue.

The most natural outcome is relief or pleasure when someone finds out that there has been a positive result to tests that have been carried out. If a scan or test gives the patient the all clear they are bound to be happy although this sort of result can sometimes cause concern if a persistent or worrying issue can't be identified.

Going to the other extreme conformation of an illness or condition can cause a lot of worry. Again however there can be a contrasting emotion as identifying the problem allows the medical teams to prescribe a cure or arrange for surgery to deal with the matter.

These two reactions show the contrasting extremes that can be encountered when medical outcomes are confirmed. Between these extremes there are a wide variety of reactions and emotions.

For most people finding out medical results is usually a source of relief. There can be a lot of anxiety and worry involved in waiting for results. If someone is suffering they'll be anxious to identify the source of the problem, this can lead to wondering about how extreme the problem is. Getting the results of those tests will provide some sort of relief regardless of the actual results, many people will say that it's the waiting rather than the actual results that can be the most stressful.

Most individuals react differently to patient outcomes with the nature of the person and the seriousness of the illness or condition the major factor on how they react to discovering the outcome.

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