How Can You Lighten/whiten Your Dark Underarms?


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You know what before,I have the same problem with you,my armpit is really black, I used many kinds of whitening soap, cream and deodorant but still no effect, until one day my husband bought a calamansi, and because I don't like the calamansi to be wasted I used it all over my body, to my face, neck, arms, legs and to my very dark armpits, at first there's no effect but I still continue to put in in my body because I felt that my skin become so soft and fresh,I also rub my armpit with brown sugar or salt to remove the dead cells and then put the calamansi juice in my armpit, after many days I noticed that my armpit become lighter and clean. Untill now I'm using the calamansi all over my skin and I can prove it to you that calamansi really whitens, just be patient to see the result. Now, my armpit looks white, fresh and so soft because of calamansi. Hope it helps..
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There are following reasons of dark underarm.
  1. Shaving
  2. Use of strong deodorants.
  3. Excessive sweating
  4. Tight blouses
  5. Infection
  6. Dead skin accumulation
Following are remedies
  • don't use deodorants, use alum
  • Use lemon slices
  • Rub baking soda after taking bath and drying it
  • Use vitamin e oil on  armpit
  • Past of sandalwood powder and rose water will also be good
  • Apply past of gram flour, milk, cur and turmeric for 20 minutes and the wash with water.
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Using lemon as deodorant for few days will start whitening your under arms! N lemon does not prevent arms pitts form stink in but helps to whiten your armpits!
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Shaving can cause darkness of underarms, so you must try to wax your underarms to remove the hair at the same time it removes the dead skins... And use alternate methods... Shaving and waxing...
and every night, before you go to bed... Put some coconut oil in your armpit

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Things you need:
Antibacterial soap
Pumic stone (the black natural one)
Any lotion that contains about 10% alpha hydroxy acid
Rexsol whitening cream
Baby powder

1- while you are taking a shower rub your underarms with ab soap until it's all foamy leave if for a min at this time rub your knees (if they are dark) or your feet with the punic stone not to hard though gently. Then go back to your underarms and scrub them in a very gentle circular motion. Rinse with water. Using the ab soap helps get rid of the bacteria that causes odor dry the area well then apply the AHA lotion.

2- after half an hour or more apply the whitening cream. This has to be before going to bed.

3- in the morning wash the area thoroughly with soap and water. Dry and dust with baby powder. Avoid using deodorants because some of the deodorants cause skin darkening but if you really really have to use the ones for sensitive skin.

4- don't use the pumic stone everyday like every other day but try using the loofa everyday.

5- for even better results you can soak in a salt bath or you can scrub the area with lemon and baking soda.

6- don't even think about shaving. You can wax or sugar the area.
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I am not sure but I do not recommend you use lime juice.  Lime juice would be an acid and could cause an allergic reaction, I would think, or at very least a possible rash. Underarm skin is rather a sensitive area.  Perhaps someone else has knowledge about the use of baking powder.  I do not feel qualified to answer that portion of your question.
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Once I participated in a beauty forum online and there has been many
natural tips for hair,body,fashion.....etc you know all things that
related to women or things that are related to women among them was how
to lighten the blackness under arms .1-In a bowel have few amount of
(A white substance by grinding corns) with rose water or ordinary water
and mix them together where they become con specific after that apply
it under your hand and you'll notice that while the substance
is getting dried its color will b changed according to the area's color
which means it'll take the blackness.
To be honest I haven't tried it ,but my elder sister have and I tell
you it works with times,but be patient and use it constantly .If you
would like to get other tips don't hesitate to contact me here .Big
apologize for my bad English here:-)
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I recommend two types: Shaving and hair removal, hair removal is to pull out the hair root, this method can slow the growth of hair, and there's no can choose the female hair removal knife. There are, of course, laser hair removal, but it's not permanent,it let the hair follicles to shrink, the skin will produce a lot of irritation.
As I know,there is no effective method to get rid of it,the two methods above are safe and simple.You can try!
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They say,use baking soda 2 whiten your dark underarm.. I want to try it.. Lemon is not that effective for me.. Same hir,I also have dark UA.. Let me try that baking soda.. Let me sEe if its reaLLy effective..

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