Why Do I Always Feel Dizzy And Get Confused?


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Angela Allen answered
It could be your sugar level, low blood pressure, or a wide range of things. I know no one wants to here go to the doctor, and I hate giving that as an answer, but as someone who works in the healthcare industry, I say get a complete check up. Because something is off balance and you need to find out what while it can still be manageable. As far as being diabetic, do you feel tired a lot, or hot and then cold, clammy, do you react to sugar  in a distinct way? There are two different types of diabetes, type one and two. Usually the dizziness would come from low blood sugar, if you are. Definitely will say, please be seen by a physician, and tell them everything that your daily intake includes so that they can assess your situation. Also, if you take any products to increase energy or any type of diet pill, it can cause the same symptoms from increasing your adrenaline levels.

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