Why Do You Feel Dizzy Or Weak During Your Period?


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Dizziness and feeling weak are common experiences during your period and have many causes. Due to the massive changes that your body is going through, there can be lots of different side effects with dizziness.

  • Why does it happen?

Your period, or menstrual cycle/period, to give it its full medical name is a time of vast change in your body. With this taking place, mainly over two or three days, it intensifies the effect on your body. These changes leave you vulnerable to other issues which can cause distress and concern due to the vulnerability of your body caused by the stress and extremes of your period.

  • What are the causes?

If you are feeling pain or have suffered a recent illness you are more liable to suffer from dizziness or a general weakness and lethargy during your period. The usual remedies can be suggested such as wrapping up well in warm clothing, taking extra care with what you are eating and a general greater awareness of your health.

  • Can I take something to prevent this?

Many people may take iron tablets to combat the effects of period problems but it is best to discuss the issue with your doctor who may be able to pinpoint a specific remedy. Your doctor will be able to take some tests, ask the correct questions to diagnose the root of your issues and suggest ways around it. With your period occurring on a monthly basis, it is best to get the issue addressed rather than ignoring it. In many jobs, and obviously whilst driving, spells of dizziness or weakness can be very dangerous.
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Try using a heating pad for help. The reason you feel dizzy/weak is because of the hormonal changes during this time. You can use menstrual relief pills for cramps/weakness.
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Do you think that you maybe dehydrated that could cause you to get dizzy and weak
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I fell dizzy ever time and fell sick every time please help me

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