I Have A Brain Aneurysm In The Right Frontal Temporal Lobe And Had A Stint Put In. Am I Cured?


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In a way you are but yet in a way you are not. I have a brain aneurysm on my artery to my right eye and it could not be removed just clamped. Yours has been bypassed from what it sounds like with a stint but not removed. For further info, it is rare but does happen, that once you have an aneurysm in or on the brain you are susceptible to get more. Always get yourself checked yearly or every other year. GL and God Bless.
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I had brain surgery for an anerusym which was 8 to 9 mm. My was clasped by titanum clipping.  Also since the surgery in 2002 I have had a headache everyday since range from 1 to 10 on a pain scale never leaving a 6 and sometimes goes off the chart.  I also have memory problems.  It was discoveded that during the slosing of this proceedure that an vessel was placed across an artery.  And also a nerve to my rt eye was severed.  No one has been able to give me relief from this horriful pain.  They say another operation would not help. That I will have these head pains for the remainder of my life and I am only 47. Could you have a suggestion?
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I'm also 47 and I've been living with my anuerysm for 14yrs now.In 97 I had GDCs put in,but since 05,the neck has reopened and the aneurysm has grown larger, but the docs all tell me it's inoperable now. I finally got a decent doc that told me the truth and then set about giving me the pain relief I needed,that my original doc told me to take tylenol for.What a joke!Find a pain clinic or headache clinic in your area and get the relief you need ASAP.Good Luck to you

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