How Can I Help My Husband To Stop Using Drugs? He Keeps Lying To My About Them And Where He Is Going.


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He has to be ready to stop and to ask for help himself. Until then nothing will stop him, and you can't make him stop. Even people who go to prison or jail aren't cured just because they can't use in there. It takes treatment and a lot of hard work to quit and stay away from the addiction for a lifetime. You might check out your local CODA group for more info on how to cope with living with an addict. Good luck and best wishes for you.
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You can only help him if he is asking for help...but even if he asks sometimes they're not ready.  It is probably best that you step aside and let him get help on his own-he may even have to hit rock bottom to realize that he needs help.  You will only get more and more hurt if you try to help him-you can't cure him!  I went through the same thing and it was horrible trying to control him-be very careful, and leave the house if he starts to get aggressive with you because it will only get worse.  Stay close to your family and friends, I know its hard but you will feel so alone if you don't.  Seek help for your self also-we go through so much pain and we need learn how to deal with this, specially if you have no experience with any of this.  I will pray for you and your husband.
You do not mention what state or country you are in.  in the u.s.a. You could have him legally baker acted the next time he comes home stoned, call the police & explain your concerns & ask them to baker act him.  in doing this he will be taken to either a private facility, if available, or a hospital & be held for 72 hrs.  hopefully the counseling & trauma will help him admit he has a problem.  also aa or na {narcotics anonymous} have programs for family members in exactly your situation.  or call his family and have an intervention with his family, friends & you there to confront him & his issue.  good luck dear.  I have dealt with the same exact thing so send me a shout if you need more info.  ‚ô•nassy
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You can't help him unless he wants to change.  You can only live your life and make decisions for yourself. You have to call a standard and mean what you say.  So if you are no longer going to put up with the drug abuse decide your boundaries and stick to them.  He will then know you are serious.  About the lying, they can't help themselves it is part of the addiction especially if you are against the habit.
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Thank you I don't think that there is any thing that I can do I think that I am going to leave him we have a 8 month old son and the only time he talks to him is when he is getting mad at him because he is being fussy or acting up and i know that it is because of the drugs and i know this is personal but in the bedroom he is only concerned about himself he will lay there watching a porn until i give him you know and then if he is in the mood then we might have sex witch lasts like 2 minutes (not joking) tonight he lied there for 2 hours watching a porn then finally put his hand over to me not putting any effort at all into then when he realized that i was not going to go down on him he stopped and rolled over then when i got upset he didn't even know why and said i was crying like a 3 year old i am tired of it i think i want a divorce

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