How Do You Deal With Someone You Love So Much Doing Drugs?


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I have been in that situation and all you can do is be there for them and be supportive of their recovery. You can try to get them to quit but most only quit when they are ready or have hit bottom. The drugs take over and can become their life. Try to talk to them and see if they would be willing to go into a treatment facility or at least attend meetings.
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emily matlock
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I have tried many times and everytime i do, he gets all mad and i can't risk him leaving me
Krystal DeLaRosa
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If he gets mad then he is not ready to stop using yet. It's sad to watch someone you love do that to themselves but if you don't want to lose him that's all you can do. You can't MAKE him go to meetings or treatment. Just don't give up hope. One day he will get tired of living that way and will want better for himself. All addicts go through this at some point.
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It's a simple choice for you.Could you bear him doing drugs?
Yes,move on with your life and don't complain about it;If no,ask him "drugs or GF ,which one matters more to you".

Maybe you are expected to draw more his attention on you rather than his drugs.
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If you really don't wanna lose him then don't push him
i have the same prob. And it's so confusing and sometimes i cry
so what you do is don't say if you really loved me then you'll stop cuz it
has nothing to do with loving you and you'll end up in a fight
on special occasions like b-day or something important to you guys be like
could you not do it today just for me
hope it helps good luck
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Hon i think you are way to young for this. You both need help. But you can't force him to do anything. And if he keeps refusing then i would surely think about leaving. There is always someone out there for you who would love you for who you are. Which is what you deserve in life
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I know it's very hard... Just try to get them to seek help... They have to want it and recognize they have a problem first or no help will help... It's tough love

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