What Is A Fast Way To Get Rid Of Flea Bites On Humans?


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I've heard to take garlic pills and it will prevent the fleas from biting you until all the fleas are gone.
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Garlic perles certainly work on Mosquito Bites,and Bicarbonate of soda also helps on ANY kind of bite,taking the itch away.By the way,always take garlic perles wit Cold water,before meals,not After!
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I use the highest dosage of cortisone cream available.  If they don't go away, or become infected, a doctor can prescribe a dosage to completely heal them.  I was given this advice from my doctor, both when I had bites from chiggers, and later on when I was working as a pet groomer (and constantly was bitten by fleas).
Hope that is another suggestion you can use!
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Use oatmeal in the bathtub. Put them in a small meshed bag, and place them in the tub. Soak in there for a little while. Oatmeal is great for stuff like this, especially if you are itching a lot. Or you can get some Aveeno, which is an oatmeal bath, but better packaged, and you don't need a mesh to contain the oatmeal. Hope this helps you out.
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I had to call my aunt to find out what she told me to do when I got bites at my grandmas house, (it had been awhile, I just knew it worked) she said take garlic supplements and you will not suffer from bug bites, also warm bath soaks in avon skin so soft.

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