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Pica in pregnancy is having a taste and craving for things that are quite often inedible. Unusual things like rubber tyres or bark of a tree for example. Quite often, pregnant girls get a taste for coal, which generally means their body is requiring a certain mineral that it is deficient in. Commonly, you may get a taste for mixed sweet and savoury foodstuff together, for example, tuna and banana pizza or kippers and custard. All the best !! .
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I am not sure which pica you are referring to:

It can be a measurement
1 PostScript pica = 4.23333333 millimeters
Pica is also a disorder in human beings. An appetite for mom nutritious substances. Click here for more info.

Pica is also Portland Institute for Contemporary Art

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Pica is a condition where a pregnant woman or a small child has a very strong craving to eat non-food items such as rubber, plastics, metals, or woods. However, this is not just a simply craving that comes and goes. It is an undesirable craving that last for a month or longer. It is a very serious and dangerous compulsion. Although it is sometimes seen in pregnant women, it is more commonly see in small children with development problems.
There is no sound evidence or proof of what actually causes pica. Many medical specialists believe that it could be a result of malnutrition. It is commonly seen in small children with development problems who come from poverty strickened families or in third world countries. No one knows for sure of the exact cause of pica, but malnutrition and lack of essential vitamins do play a role in this compulsive behavior.
Many times, a doctor will treat someone experiencing pica by prescribing or suggesting vitamins such as iron, calcium, vitamin B and vitamin D. The doctor may also prescribe a special diet to assure that proper diet and nutrition is taking place. Many times a small child with pica may benefit from psychological counseling sessions as well since pica is a compulsive behavior disorder.  A doctor must treat each case of pica individually because it can affect each person differently and to different degrees.
Pica is a very serious medical condition. Some victims have actually choked on objects while trying to ingest them and others have done very serious damage to their internal organs (such as the stomach, esophagus, and intestine) by eating dangerous non-food items. Therefore, parents who closely monitor small children to tend to always put things in their mouth. It may not simply be a child who puts things in his mouth; it may be because the small child has pica and is craving or really wanting to eat whatever it is he put inside of his mouth.

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