Should I Get Pregnant At 14?


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Take it from me (i am 17) so many girls get pregnant too early it will ruin your life. Even though it may seem so amazing right now think about all the stuff you will miss out on. Going to the movies with your friends-you wont go because you have to watch your kid. I guarantee the guy( little boy) who you have intercourse with will back out when your about to have the baby or way before. You will be all alone. Your parents will be humiliated. Going to school and doing your school work will be so difficult. Live your life, because when you have a kid it will not be your life, your main focus and reason in life will be your child nutering and loving him/her. Just like your parents did for you. You at 14 do not have all the tools and the know how in life. Please don't get pregnant. Do it for yourself.
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Why would you even want to consider a pregnancy at 14?  That would be insane.
Your still a baby.  Wait til your at least 25.
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You have chosen an odd avatar for a 14 year old female.  Anyway - the answer is "no".  How would you support a baby, or are you expecting others to bear the expense for you?  This would be very selfish of you in this time of economic hardship.  To even ask this question shows that you are not old enough for the responsibility.
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Why in the world would you want to lose your teenage and young adult years?   Enjoy your life!  There is a time and a place for everything.  Babies are wonderful and will enrich your life when you have lived some life, found a wonderful partner and want to make a family.  Finish school, go to college and live your life!!!!!
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If you are extremely wealthy, yes. If not, you may want to wait to have that first one.

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