My Basset Hound Is A Little Bigger In The Area Of Being Pregnant And Her Tets Are Swelling. But I Can't Feel Anything. I Don't Remember When She Was In Heat And She Did Get Out When She Was In Heat? What Should I Do?


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It can not be told that whether your dog is pregnant or not from here. The pregnancy symptoms are visible after 3-4 weeks of pregnancy. Following are signs of pregnancy
  1. Loss of appetite initially
  2. decrease in activity
  3. Breast development
  4. Affectionate behavior
  5. Increase in appetite at later stages
  6. Weight increase
  7. Large size abdomen at later stages
  8. Movement of puppies in the last 2 weeks of pregnancy
  9. Milk production before delivery.
Your vet can also detect pregnancy. It will be better to take her to vet.
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My dog is 5 weeks pregnant but we didn't know if she was pregnant or not because she mated with another dog when she was in heat 5 weeks ago but every time we felt her belly we couldn't feel anything. We took her to the vets and they done a scan and in the end she was pregnant. So you can't always feel the pups. I would advise you to bring her to the vets and get a scan done and that way you ill know either way.

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