Are You Related By Blood To Anyone Famous?


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No but my grandpas sisters sons wives brother is Dan Reeves
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He was the coach for the denver broncos the atlanta for a short time
Thanks a bunch [[[hugs]]] for you Kensleigh!...♥Nassy
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Thanks for the clarification--I was wondering who he was too!
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My mom's side of the family tree was traced back to the Morgan raiders.
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Excellent, I loved Bing growing up. Rumor in my family ia that we are related to one of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence. But no one has spent the time and effort to track it down.
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you should look into that lovie...have ya got a name...I'll help!...♥nassy
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I'll have to ask my mom. I know my sister's ex husband (who is Mormon) did her (our) geneology when they got married. He got back to the American Revolution and it started getting muddy. I know my mom had said it was maybe not such a great idea to go too far back as there may be some skeletons! Which I thought sounded great! What's more interesting than finding out that you have skeletons in your family's closests?! But then, I have always thought a little scandal could be interesting. At least when it isn't happening to me that is!
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One of my grandfathers, many times removed, was Ezra Cornell.
My wife and children are cousins to Lee Greenwood.
My wife is related to the old musician Turk Murphy.
My father was a WW2 Army Air Corp Pilot, these guys are certainly famous hero's.
My kids are related to me, one of the most famous people of all, at least in my mind. ROTFLMAO
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you are a funny funny boy now aren't you? A wow for you my friend only 'cuz I like Lee Greenwood....ha ha........♥nassy
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Whats not to like about the little shrimp. LOL
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Yeppers,ever heard of the hatfields and mc coys...
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I bought my home in fl from robert hatfield...also a relative, unfortunately he was in jail for killing a policeman w/ a bomb & his home was in foreclosure ;(....♥nas
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Fletcher Christian, of the Bounty...some-odd great uncle, as told to me by my great uncle Harvey Christian.
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Believe it or not Robert E. Lee. My maiden name is Sherman so you would have thought General Sherman....go figure.
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Well, my great great great grandmother discovered the granny smith apple.

My best mates great great great great great great aunty wrote "twinkle twinkle little star".

Another one of my best mates if related to "shaggy". Do you know him? He sang " Wasn't me".

And that's all I know of.

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