Does Computer Radiation Has Any Ill Effects To Pregnant Women?


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Computers emit very small amounts of radiation and are believed to have no adverse affects on pregnancy. You should be careful when using a laptop computer though, as the heat from a laptop resting on your pregnant belly can be an issue.

Frankly, every household electrical appliance emits some small amount of radiation, but the amount of radiation and the type of radiation that can cause issues with a pregnancy or harm the fetus is different than that which comes from things like computers.

X-rays are the primary source for concern when it comes to a pregnancy. That’s the reason that they always ask if there is a chance you could be pregnant before you have an x-ray and if there is any chance they want to perform a pregnancy test before proceeding with the x-ray. It is also the reason that ultrasound technology is used to get images of the fetus in the womb instead of x-rays. Ultrasounds also emit radiation, but it is a lighter and less risky form for both the pregnant mother and the baby growing in her belly.

There has been some speculation about computer radiation and pregnancy, including the potential loss of amniotic fluid, risks to the baby’s development and concerns regarding loss of the fetus or fertility in general. There is no absolute scientific proof of any of these claims that have floated around on the internet, but if you’re really concerned, I would think there are some things you can do to minimize risk and that don’t involve giving up being on the computer entirely.

Ideally, you should not be resting a laptop on any part of your body anyway, including your pregnant belly. The heat from the laptop is a problem for you and could be a problem for the baby. If a computer is kept at a decent distance from your body, then there should be no problem with you continuing to be on it all the time while pregnant. There are tons of mothers who have done it and had safe pregnancies and healthy babies.
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All computer monitors are safe during pregnancy. There is no harm to unborn baby or amniotic fluid. These are only unscientific discussions. You can confidently use computer during pregnancy but avoid laptop because of heat.
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I really don't think so ... Besides if your on too long then you might get a headache from looking at the screen too long but do keep that baby belly away from the microwave...
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I'm pregnant for 7 weeks and I work in a language lab where there are about 70 monitors and one computer. Is it safe for my baby? Should I stop working there?
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